I am a specialist provider of creative, digital and social marketing workshops.
Over the years, I have designed and delivered courses for educational institutions, companies, and professional individuals.
I offer public courses or 1-to-1 consultative training sessions delivered online or offline. All the workshops are highly interactive, using a mix of proven methodologies, best practice case studies customized to your sector.

I have a suite of training courses that teach you how to create a structured framework for developing yourself in today’s business market.


Personal branding is the key to success in today's work environments.

Irrespective of the nature and size of your organization and irrespective of your role within that organization, it is absolutely essential to create your own unique Personal Brand.
A brand, which will help you stand out from others.
In this workshop, I will help you identify this unique brand. Through a variety of hands-on exercises, you will learn how to build and promote the online and ‘offline’ elements of your brand. You will also learn how to effectively represent both your company and yourself while talking to potential clients, investors or employees.

Examples and cases studied are shared along with a personal brand strategy and brand statement development exercises.

How will you benefit?

• Identify and articulate what differentiates you from the rest

•Understand your unique strengths and brand keywords

• Develop selling skills and winning mindsets that improve your performance and results

• Achieve business growth and move from order taking, to order making!

•Develop essential expertise needed to ensure greater self-confidence and success

•Build a Powerful and Impressive Online Presence

•Strategies for promoting your brand to potential clients, investors, and employers

•Create and Communicate your “brand slogan” – your elevator pitch

•Effective Networking techniques to promote your personal brand

Develop an effective Social Media Strategy for better results in your business.

In today’s world full of new media and digital communication technologies, companies of all sizes and industries have a huge opportunity to expand the reach of their messages using social media.

Social media has the potential to attract and hold the attention of a vast demographic of people. It’s vital that your company stays up-to-speed with today’s evolving digital media technologies. This way you can monitor what customers are saying about your brand online, but more importantly, leverage these new media tools to create and foster positive conversations around your brand.

This Social Media Strategy Workshop contains best practices, checklists, templates, tools, and resources you need.

How will you benefit?

• Educate yourself and your staff on social media

• Ensure social media policies and guidelines are established

• Ensure your brand is protected and consistent

• Create a social presence and community

• Utilize social media for PR

• Measure your social activities

• Monitor your online brand reputation

• Establish a digital crisis management strategy for social damage control

Video isn´t just the future of the web, It´s the future of all communication

Video is the most powerful marketing tool on the web, however, most businesses are stuck in online video because they focus on selling instead of engagement.

Storytelling has been part of the human story since the stone age.
A today a good story creates immediately engagement between the users and your business. This is one of the main benefits of having a video on your site.
The animated video is the perfect branding opportunity because it doesn’t just tell people what to do, it lets them feel who you are, and this emotional response can happen in a matter of seconds.

The truth is, people retain over 50% more information through the use of visual and verbal learning than they do with text.
The implications of online video in digital advertising is huge,
Design, sound, and motion are what all the brands are looking for. It can pull a mood and entertain the users in a way banners have never been able to do.

How will you benefit?

• how to Build Trust & Credibility Effectively with Video

• Video Persuasion

• Video Content & Search Engines

• Improving Email Marketing Campaigns with video

• Standing out from the crowd

• Framing, types of shots, camera movements, cutaways and other

• techniques and tips

• Planning a shoot, filming to edit stages, for different types of medias.

• Convey complex information more clearly with video

• The key to viral campaigns