The strategy element gives the overall picture of what the plan should be based on, the objectives and market analysis. It is the bigger picture element – what are the key tactics to be utilized and what are the main resources required? It lays out the framework for the tactical and implementation elements of the overall plan.

Let’s start with your marketing objectives. What do you want to achieve?

Do you want to increase sales?

• Brand awareness?

• Build a database?


I can help you work out an effective plan. Following these questions:

Who you are?

• How you’re seen?

• Who you’re trying to reach?

• Where do you sit in relation to your competition?

We then decide where you should be, and plan how to get there.

Here are some of the things that help you reach your audience:

Campaign Landing Pages

Having a compelling landing page with the right content and imagery will increase your return on investment. Also creating forms that add your users to a database so you can email them with your offers. I can help you test your campaign and link it with Google AdWords or assess your customer behavior.


How to be found easier by search engines such as Google? Which keywords do your visitors add in to find your information? The SEO process is complex and consists of a number of distinct steps which work in tandem to increase visibility and rankings. SEO is a critical foundation of any digital strategy as it aims to promote visibility of your products and services in the search engines without needing to solely rely on advertising.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Marketing Strategy is an essential and critical document, which outlines a comprehensive plan to drive an organization’s online presence.
This is the roadmap to success. Without one, it’s like driving in the dark without a map.

Email Marketing

From time to time you will want to speak to your existing customers or want to convert prospects into clients. I can design your newsletter and help you understand who’s clicking on what.

Social Media & Campaings

Due to the way the Internet is fast evolving, especially through the social web, there is plenty of channels which can be used to communicate with Brands and costumes. I can advise on which social media platform is right for your business and design an effective campaign for you.