I’m a brand strategist and brand designer. I help you achieve your identity. I create brands from scratch, help you to develop your existing brand from the strategy point of view, adding identity and personality across all channels.


Having a good brand is having a good future

What is a brand? A brand is a value, something that makes a company, product or person special, different, unique.

Branding is based on realness, is not about what’s on, is not about being cool is all about you.

If you want to successfully stand out in today markets, you need a strong brand identity and be consist in how it is being used across the channels.

Brands are shaped in everything we say and do, but also are what people think and feel about it.

So in order to tell the story of your brand, you need to know what elements are crucial make this happen.

Elements that your brand needs

Brand Name


Tone of Voice

Brand Guidelines

Brand consistency